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About Riverboat

From the beginning to the end of our lifecycle, Riverboat is dedicated to sustainable practices ensuring that our beans and materials are kept out of our wetlands.

We want everyone to enjoy Riverboat coffee, knowing that it is sustainably produced and that your choices matter.

Milkman Delivery Treatment

Your cold brew will be delivered in a reusable glass growler, within a reusable, iced cooler. Help us do our part and have these ready for pickup upon your next coffee delivery. 

Sustainable Partnerships

Used Riverboat grounds are donated to City Root Compost to be composted for fertilizer. Any broken growlers are donated to Glass Half Full to be recycled into sand and glass cullet for disaster relief, eco-construction, new glass, and more.


Riverboat's unique keg and tap system is the perfect solution to serve cold brew and nitro brewed coffee in your business—offering consistency, ease of use, reduction of waste, and above all, incredible quality coffee. 

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